Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Businesses must adopt effective methods when promoting their websites

Web administrators need to adopt effective marketing campaigns to boost site awareness.
Web administrators need to adopt effective marketing campaigns to boost site awareness.
By Priscilla Aderman
Spetnik Solutions Editorial Staff

For businesses looking to make their website stand apart from others, adopting effective marketing methods is essential. A recent article from Helium created a walk-through for businesses to follow when beginning this process.

First, companies need to determine how much of their budget they are willing to allocate toward website improvement. With money to spend, companies are encouraged to adopt search engine optimization, search engine and social media marketing tactics in order to boost their site's awareness. Figuring out how to accurately allocate budgets between these expenditures is important as well. With no budget, businesses are forced to expend more energy on finding innovative ways for site promotion.

Helium suggests companies incorporate free software onto their sites, such as Google Analytics or Google Adwords, which can analyze traffic patterns among other pieces of web user statistics. These tools can become integral for marketing campaigns, as they can analyze which methods are proving effective and which aren't. Making sure these campaigns remain effective is important, as internet competition is high throughout all sectors, Helium states.

Once these methods have been adopted and implemented, consistent attention must be paid to a website. Actions such as search engine and directory submissions, social bookmarking, email marketing and blog management are all areas that website administrators can focus on to continue to promote the site's awareness.

As of 2008, the U.S. had more than 230 million internet users. Adopting and consistently grooming these aforementioned methods can potentially draw portions of this crowd toward a business' website.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Creating and launching a website no longer enough, now need to focus on six main areas

Simply creating a website and launching it doesn't cut it for many businesses online today.
Simply creating a website and launching it doesn't cut it for many businesses online today.
By Priscilla Aderman
Spetnik Solutions Editorial Staff

For companies or individuals developing websites today, simply creating and launching a website is no longer good enough. With the web offering so many different features on various sites, developers need to keep up and provide diverse content and features. A recent article from MoneyWeb cites six areas that such websites should focus on or offer.

Firstly, companies need to have a user-friendly website. This site should be easy for visitors to access and navigate and should also be informative and educational about the company or product. Using efficient text and an organized layout can accomplish these goals.

Next, for companies that sell products incorporating ecommerce is becoming essential. With the ability to produce sales both day and night, such a site offering can go a long way toward increasing profitability. 

Focusing on search engine optimization can boost a site's visibility in the digital world. Optimized copy and design elements will target greater audiences and hopefully boost page rankings on popular search engines. 

Adding new content will keep a website fresh and more attractive to customers, MoneyWeb states. Being consistently fresh will go a long way toward boosting SEO rankings as well. In order to provide new content consistently without paying designers or developers, companies should have content management systems in place which allow those involved with the website the ability to add, edit and manage the site more efficiently.

Lastly, social media marketing has become incredibly important as sites such as Facebook and Twitter have garnered significant amounts of users. Marketing on these sites can increase exposure tremendously. 

Furthermore, Google recently added a new stipulation to its search algorithm that will allow multiple results to appear for a single domain name, which can provide better exposure for a website.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Web design trends to follow to create an attractive website

Following key web design trends can draw more visitors.
Following key web design trends can draw more visitors.
For web designers hoping to create a website both attractive in appearance and efficient in operations in order to retain visitors, a recent Mashable blog post cited five trends to follow in order to accomplish just that.

The first thing web designers need to remember is to keep things simple. By going with a minimalist attitude, a website can focus more on its content and eliminate any unneeded excess. With page weight now a factor in Google's page-ranking algorithm, minimalism can be helpful. With good design, a website with a minimalist attitude can still be visually pleasing.

Unique pictures help as well. The blog states pictures such as businessmen shaking hands or the call center girl are tired and cliched. Websites should include artwork or custom photography whenever possible. If choosing stock images, web designers should opt for original, abstract images for a more dramatic effect.

Using bold typography can be attractive, too. A recent trend has seen many websites use bold lettering to create contrast from other page areas and to create hierarchy of topics. Designers should determine which areas of their site they want to stress and deploy bold typography there.

In order to retain customers, sites should include a call to action for visitors, such as signing up for a newsletter or downloading a file. Using effective language, positioning, color and size of these calls to action can attract and retain visitors effectively.

Finally, designers should complete A/B testing to analyze the effectiveness of all of their site's pages and functions. Doing this should ensure areas are performing.

With more people using the internet now than ever, keeping up with these latest trends could draw greater crowds to a website.

Expert advice for improving web presence

Web designers should follow certain rules to increase SEM efficiency.
Web designers should follow certain rules to increase SEM efficiency.
Companies wanting to optimize their web presence and get a better placement on search result lists usually choose various strategies in order to achieve these goals. According to a Helium report, certain measures are more efficient than others.

First and foremost, it's crucial for companies to establish and maintain an appealing website. Search engine marketing experts advice companies to create a standard and compliant site, as this will improve the chances of getting a high-search list ranking.

When the foundation is built, companies can proceed with creating website content. This should include industry-related articles with relevant keywords, as this is one of the variables in Google's algorithms. By doing so, the company can obtain a higher search engine ranking. However, website developers should be careful not to exaggerate the use of keywords, as this will cause search engines to categorize the content as spam.

Furthermore, website developers should use HTML tags to fill out each page with unique, keyword-rich title tags as well as the interlinks between pages, using keyword anchor tags instead of a "click here" link or button. The report also mentions that avoidance of words such as "and," "or" and "the" is beneficial to a company as this purportedly will increase SEM efficiency.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What web designers can do to increase SEO

Web designers can help boost a site's SEO
Web designers can help boost a site's SEO
Search engine optimization doesn't have to be just a web content manager's responsibility. Website designers should also be in the mix when creating and laying out the site, relays.

First and foremost, websites need to look presentable and manageable. Many times search engine users will click on a link, check out a site and go back to the engine quickly if they think they can't easily find their information on that site. Thus, web design is important.

To increase SEO with web design, page creators should make navigating their site easy and can do so by making internal linking as user-friendly as possible. Adding share buttons near any viral content can also boost SEO as users can then share this content on their social networking page and boost awareness of the original site.

The loading speed of a website is incredibly important as well, as users will leave pages that take too long to access. Thus, not including too many graphics, videos or ad banners on a site can potentially boost SEO. Google also recently stated load speed is factored into its page-ranking algorithm.

While keywords are a large part of SEO and primarily the responsibility of content writers, web designers should word these keywords into page links and descriptions, image titles or tags of any nature to help out.

With these tips, web designers can do their own part in helping boost SEO for their site. ADNFCR-3705-ID-19918314-ADNFCR